* Unless you are a crew member with a driver on the track you are NOT allowed in the infield, there is no exceptions and FCR crew members will be monitoring this from now on.

* You are also not allowed to take video or pictures from the infield without a COMP band, PERIOD. We have a list of photographers and they are the only ones allowed.

* In the event there is an accident that requires a RED flag ~ unless you have an orange FCR shirt on you are to STAY where you are and not go near your driver. These are the rules!

With that being said, anyone that disrespects the rules and attempts to work on the cars will automatically be DISQUALIFIED. Everyone should be well aware of the rules as drivers and crews.

* Also we have a ZERO TOLERANCE for fighting. We had a couple situations on Friday night that resulted in drivers being suspended. You want to fight do it somewhere else. Show some respect for your fellow drivers, the FCR crew members and our facility.

As a reminder: This facility is ran by volunteers who spend countless hours working on and providing a fun and safe place for drivers, crews and fans to come and enjoy Friday night lights. If you have a problem with something that happens at the track you need to contact our raceway chairman or a member of our raceway committee.

General Rules

Mods will not qualify on Big show's for other classes when they/or Special class has a large car count, they will revert to passing points.

Rain checks will only be given if all heats have NOT been completed.  All Heats being complete will be considered a FULL show.

LM and Mods will receive 1 lap for qualifying, top 8 qualifiers will be placed in a dash with a dice roll to determine their starting position in this dash.  These top 8 cars will be automatically in the feature and will start the first 4 rows according to the way they finish their dash.

Farmer City Raceway
General Rules and Regulations

a)All drivers will be asked to fill out a driver profile sheet and a W-9 for Tax purposes.  No driver will be paid without a complete W-9 on file.  NO EXCEPTIONS!  Any driver who earns $600 or more during the season will receive a 1099 form after the season.
b)No person will be allowed to enter the pit area unless they have secured a wristband and have signed proper release forms.
c)Wristbands cannot be transferred at any time, anyone caught doing so will be ejected and not permitted to return that night and may face a fine or suspension.
d)Farmer City Raceway reserves the right to refuse service to any driver, car owner, pitman, ect.
e)Drivers will pull a tab that will determine the line ups for Late Model and Modified qualifying and all other classes’ heat races.
i)  Pill draw will conclude at 6:30 p.m.  Any driver entering the pits after 6:30 p.m. will have to start in the back of the heat race or qualifying order.
ii)If driver is late for draw or forgets to draw they will be last to qualify or placed in the back of a heat and will NOT receive passing points.

a)All cars are expected to help pack and participate in Hot Laps.  Once your class has completed their Hot Laps you will not be allowed to participate with another class or alone.

a)All race injuries to any driver, owner, mechanic or official must be reported to a track official.  All accidents must be reported, no matter how minor they may seem.  If an injured person is transported to the hospital, he/she must have a doctor’s release to return to driving or to the pit area.  INJURIES DUE TO FIGHTING ARE NOT CONSIDERED RACE INCURRED.

a)Tires and 2 pit crew members are allowed in the Infield for feature events only.  At all other times only Racing Officials will be allowed on the racetrack and infield.

a)The management requires you to keep your pit area clean during and after the races.  Use the trash cans around you.  Take a look around before you leave the track.

a)All cars must be neatly and brightly painted or decaled.  If you are asked to make adjustments for means of scoring please do so in a timely manner.  From time to time when we have more than one car with the same number officials will administer a letter to a car to break the similarity.  Please do not argue and tape the corresponding letter on your car.  Not doing so may result in incorrect scoring that will not be allowed to protest. 

a)All cars are subject to inspection at any time.  It is the responsibility of a driver, car owner and mechanic, to have their car free from mechanical defects and in a safe racing condition.
b)Drivers caught on the track without all safety equipment on will be black flagged from the race track.  Once driver has all safety equipment on and been cleared by a race official, he may return to the track at the rear of the field.
c)Farmer City Raceway will follow all UMP safety rules.

a)GREEN: start of race.
b)YELLOW: Caution!  SLOW DOWN!  Failing to do so may result in your immediate removal from the race.
i)When there is a yellow on the track and ¾ the field has passed the start finish line (not counting cars involved in the yellow) the lap will be counted.
ii)You or a crew member will not be allowed to work on the car during a yellow or red.  Track official will be on hand to aid if possible.
iii)Please do not get out of your car unless there is a fire or instructed to do so.  If you get out of your car you are done for that event.
c)RED: Stop at Once!  Danger.  This lap will not be scored.
i)There will be an automatic red flag when a car is flipping, on fire or dangerous parts are on the track.
d)WHITE: 1 lap before the checkered.
e)BLACK: Remove car from racetrack immediately.  Failure to obey this flag will cause you to be suspended, fined and/or loss of points and money.
i)Intentional spinning, flipping or ramming of another car, or waiting a lap to ram a car will not be permitted.  These are causes for a black flag, a fine, and/or suspension.  Unintentional ramming, body slamming or bumping is also cause for a black flag and/or other penalty.
ii)The black flag will be dropped for any of the following reasons:  Cars dropping anything; this includes tie rods, cars with flat tires or raised hood.  A flat tire on the left front will not cause a black flag providing the driver is handling the car properly and the flat is not determined unsafe.  A hood that has come loose and is blocking the driver’s vision or a car that loses a muffler or is noisy is an automatic black flag and you must pull off on your own.  If the black flag has to be displayed, you will be disqualified.
iii)Cars not maintaining racing speed will be black flagged off the track at the flagman’s discretion.

a)Special classes will be inserted where needed, to allow for time for other events.
b)Regular night events laps will be as follows: 
i)Heats:  Late Model, Modified, Street Stocks-8 laps  Hornets – 6 laps
ii)Semis: Late Model, Modified, Street Stocks– 10 laps  Hornets – 8 laps
iii)Features:  Late Model – 25 laps, Modifieds – 20 laps, Street Stock--15 laps, Hornets – 10 laps

a)Qualifying positions will be determined by drawing a number.  Delays in qualifying will not be tolerated.  Qualifying will not be extended to permit cars out of position to qualify.  If a Late Model or Modified driver misses there spot by 2 cars the driver will receive a ½ second penalty.
i)Any class qualifying will receive one (1) lap.
ii)Top 8 qualifiers are locked into the feature.  These cars will make up the first 4 rows of feature.  All other cars will make up heats straight up from qualifying and will race for open spots.
iii)After qualifying, fast qualifier will take car down to grand stand for a dice role to determine invert for their dash.  Cars may be inverted up to 6 places.

a)Cars must report immediately to the staging area for any race in which they are scheduled.  You are responsible for getting your car up for your event (do not rely on an official to call you for your race).  In any race, if you are not into position when cars touch the track you will start in the rear. 
b)If cars are missing from an event the row missing the car will move up.  In classes that are using passing points, if this occurs, the computer will be changed accordingly.  There will be NO free passing points.
c)If there is a yellow or red flag on the initial start of the race all cars will keep their starting position. 
i)During a feature event will be the only time you are allowed to leave the track to change a tire and come back on the track starting at the rear.  This may be done only in the same yellow or red and must be conducted in the infield.  If you leave the track and enter the pits you will be done.   We will not wait for you if you chose to change a tire; however we will give you 2 courtesy laps once lineup is correct and complete.
(1)Tires may be brought to the infield with 2 pit crew members during Features only.
d)In main events, alternate car should pull to the rear of the field.  Alternate car will be waved off before the start and must leave immediately, if not needed.  After alternate car has started an event, the disabled car is out of the race.

a)Cars MUST NOT PULL out of position or pass the car ahead until after the start/finish line on the initial start of the race.  On restarts, racing resumes when the green flag waves.  Pole car must bring in the field at a reasonable speed.  If a car is missing from the original line up, cars in his/her row will move up once on the track.
i)A cone will be used.  You are to not pass until you have cleared the cone.  If you pass before or hit the cone, the Yellow flag will fall and you will be sent to the tail.
ii)A Box will be utilized for the leader to determine the start.  Once the leader crosses the first chalk line the driver must fire by second line.  If a car on the front row jumps the first time will result in a warning, 2nd time will result in being sent to the tail. 
b)The yellow flag will be dropped at the starter’s discretion.  Stalling or spinning will not necessarily cause a yellow flag to fall.
c)The yellow light is a warning and is to alert the drivers that there is something on the track.  Watch the flagman.
d)Cars involved in an accident causing the yellow flag to drop may not lose a lap provided they start in the rear of the field and take the following green flag.
e)If you cause a yellow flag you will be sent to the tail.
f)If you cause 2 yellow or 2 reds or a combination you will be asked to leave the track.  This is not an option and will not be discussed.  You must leave immediately.
g)During a heat or semi event with only the cars transferring onto the next event left, we will administer a Green, White, Checker finish.

a)Any fighting in the pit area will subject all parties involved to suspension and or fine, depending upon the seriousness of the incident and the decision of the official.  Any continuing problem from the same individual may result in permanent suspension and or fines.  Any driver, car owner or pit crew that goes in anyone else’s pit and causes trouble will be suspended and/or fined, plus loss of all points and money for the night. 
b)We expect courteous conduct from all participants at all times.  We do not tolerate profanity directed towards any other person, including officials.  We expect you to look like ladies and gentlemen and act accordingly.
c)Tampering with another driver’s car is grounds for suspension and/or fine.
d)Drinking of intoxicating beverages or use of drugs by anyone in the pit area is strictly prohibited.  A driver or pitman violating this rule will result in the driver’s disqualification and or other penalty.  There will be no refund of entry fee. A second offense will result in fines and other penalties.

a)Races will have a time limit as follows: one minute per lap for heat races and semis, 30 minutes for Late Model features, and 25 minutes for all other classes features.  The clock starts when the green flag falls.  Once a class has hit the time limit a green, white, checkered finish will be administered.  (Time limit will be enforced at all times unless it is a special event) ALL RACES WILL STOP AT CURFEW.

a)Track points will be administered as follows:
i)Feature events will award 40, 38, 36, 34, 32, 30, 28, 27, 26, 25, 24, 23, 22, 21, 20, 19, 18, 17, 16, 15 points respectively and 10 points for all other cars in attendance not making the feature.
a)Rain Policy:  Once all Heats are complete the show will be deemed complete and rain checks will not be honored. 
b)Radio communication between the driver and the pit is not permitted.  No radio equipment may be in place even if disconnected.  No mirrors of any kind are allowed. 
c)All Quads, ATV’s, or similar motorized vehicles used in the pits must be used with caution.  NO SPEEDING!
d)Equipment will not be considered “legal” simply because it went through inspection unobserved or because a rule has not been written against it.
e)Cars are subject to inspection at any time.  We will choose random classes each night to be inspected after the feature.  If your class is chosen we will inspect the top 3-5 cars and one other random finisher.
f)If you are DQed for any reason you will not receive points or money for that night. 
g)Officials will only talk to Drivers if there is a problem or protest.  Officials will not talk to crew members or car owners.
h)Official reserve the right to confiscate and hold any parts and/or equipment not conforming to the rules.
i)Officials reserve the right to judge, decide and establish what constitutes a legal part or car.
j)Official’s decisions are final.
The rules and/or regulations set forth herein are designed to provide for the orderly conduct of racing events and to establish minimum acceptable requirements for such events.  These rules shall govern the conditions of all events, and by participation in these events, all participants are deemed to have complied with these rules.  NO EXPRESSED OR IMPLIED WARRANTY OF SAFETY SHALL RESULT FROM PUBLICATON OF OR COMPLIANCE WITH THESE RULES AND/OR REGULATIONS.  They are intended as a guide for the conduct of the sports and are in no way a guarantee against injury or death to a participant, spectator or official.
The race director shall be empowered to permit minor deviations from any of the specifications herein or impose any further restrictions that in his opinion do not alter the minimum acceptable requirements.  NO EXPRESS OR IMPLIED WARRANTY OF SAFETY SHALL RESULT FROM SUCH ALTERATION OF SPECIFICATIONS.   Any interpretation or deviation of these rules is left to the discretion of the officials.  Their decision is final.