2016 Season has ended, thank you for your support !

2016 Season has ended!

As a reminder, you can check FB, our website @ or our local radio stations: 107.7 The Bull, or 105.9 Country US for any cancellations per our raceway. 
Farmer City Racing (main line) - 309-928-9110 
Lance Spieker - Chairman
David Holtz - Track Manager 
We are now accepting sponsors for the 2016 season!  If you are interested, please send us an email at!
* Unless you are a crew member with a driver on the track you are NOT allowed in the infield, there is no exceptions and FCR crew members will be monitoring this from now on.

* You are also not allowed to take video or pictures from the infield without a COMP band, PERIOD. We have a list of photographers and they are the only ones allowed. 

* In the event there is an accident that requires a RED flag ~ unless you have an orange FCR shirt on you are to STAY where you are and not go near your driver. These are the rules! 

With that being said, anyone that disrespects the rules and attempts to work on the cars will automatically be DISQUALIFIED. Everyone should be well aware of the rules as drivers and crews. 

* Also we have a ZERO TOLERANCE for fighting. We had a couple situations on Friday night that resulted in drivers being suspended. You want to fight do it somewhere else. Show some respect for your fellow drivers, the FCR crew members and our facility. 

As a reminder: This facility is ran by volunteers who spend countless hours working on and providing a fun and safe place for drivers, crews and fans to come and enjoy Friday night lights. If you have a problem with something that happens at the track you need to contact our raceway chairman or a member of our raceway committee. 

Congratulations to our 2016 Track Champions: Late Models Z Joe Harlan, Modifieds 3L Jeff Leka, Pro Late Models 25 Dakota Ewing, Street Stocks 22 Darrell Dick, and Hornets 9 Brian Deavers!